About Us

The Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice & Public Health (CASJPH) was established by the NYU School of Global Public Health. CASJPH is aligned with two key NYU research and education priorities: (1) structural inequality and anti-racism and (2) public health and health equity. 

The Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice & Public Health is undertaking a sweeping, multifaceted transdisciplinary effort to build a science base that examines racism as a social determinant of health and analyzes policies and social structures, such as residential segregation, that have created racial inequities in education, healthcare, criminal justice, social services, and other areas that can negatively impact health.

The CASJPH will advance innovative methods (including community/stakeholder engagement and community based participatory research) and statistical techniques to leverage the power of data to better address the myriad of issues impacting the health of people of color and other marginalized populations in support of collaborative action and concrete policy changes.

The CASJPH is dedicated to developing anti-racism & social justice public health research, policies approaches, and model practices. The center will provide tools for improving the scientific rigor with which researchers examine racism as a social determinant of health. It will also develop and evaluate potential solutions to actively address racism and social justice issues in public health and reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with it.


Land Acknowledgement 

The Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice, and Public Health (CASJPH) within the School of Global Public Health at New York University is located in ancestral Munsee Lenape homelands. This statement is intended to acknowledge the longstanding significance of these lands for Munsee Lenape nations and work against the historical erasure of indigenous peoples in New York City and the United States. At CASJPH, we are conscious of our duty to promote health equity throughout the local community and recognize that New York City has the largest urban Native population in the United States. 


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