Emerging Leaders in Quantitative Reasoning Program


The Emerging Leaders in Quantitative Reasoning program is an academic partnership between 
New York University School of Global Public Health and the City University of New York /John
Jay College of Criminal Justice. The program is designed to bolster the training of graduate
and undergraduate John Jay students who have a demonstrated interest in quantitative research
methodologies as well as public health and criminal justice.

The Emerging Leaders are current John Jay students, and the program has three components
across the two institutions. In the preparatory component, students will have 20 hours of
foundational and introductory training geared toward their socio-emotional well-being and skill
development at John Jay.


In the intensive training component, students spend 4-weeks (June 2023) at the NYU School of
Global Public Health. From participating in the intensive training course, students will gain both
conceptual and practical skills in data management, data visualization, and data analysis in
addition to an introduction to public health, and exposure to careers at the intersection of
public health and criminal justice. They will learn how to read, understand, create, and
communicate quantitative data as information. At the end of the course, they will be able to
describe the need for and value of quantitative data to address pressing public health and
criminal justice issues. This training program will focus on students’ ability to communicate
information using quantitative data in written, oral, and visual formats (e.g., tables, graphs, and

The culminating event for the NYU component of the program is a datathon; a datathon is a
data-focused hackathon. Participants can be given a dataset and/or required to obtain data
from the internet. Given a limited amount of time, participants are challenged to use their
creativity and data science skills to build, test, and explore solutions to the proposed challenge
question. This gives participants a chance to try something new, apply what they know, and
learn from other participants, to develop creative solutions to challenging problems.

Participants will form teams of 4-6 and will be supported by NYU and John Jay faculty that will
meet with groups throughout the day to provide their expertise.

After completing the 4-week intensive course at NYU, students will complete a semester-long
practicum at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where they will work as academic tutors as
well as on program and research projects.

Program Offerings:

  • Foundational and introductory training geared toward socio-emotional well-being and skill development at John Jay.
  • 4-week intensive training (check out our curriculum)
  • Semester-long practicum implementing training skills
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Stipend

Applications for The Emerging Leaders Program are closed for Summer 2023. Please check back in the fall for application launch updates. 


2023 Emerging Leaders Closing Ceremony

Questions? Email the Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice, & Public Health at gph.casjph@nyu.edu