Policy-Focused IS Training

The field of implementation science is focused on generating knowledge that helps translate evidence about “what works” to improve population health and eliminate health inequities into practice. However, the field has largely focused on work at clinical and organizational levels and there is limited guidance about how to conceptualize and conduct policy-focused implementation science.

There are two areas under the umbrella of policy-focused implementation science: (1) policy dissemination research, which seeks to understand how research evidence can be most effectively communicated to policymakers and integrated into policymaking processes; and (2) policy implementation research, which seeks to understand how the rollout of policies can be optimized to maximize health benefits. 

The learning objectives of this two-day virtual training are to:

  • Understand relevant theories and frameworks, study designs, measures, and concepts related to policy implementation science and apply this knowledge to:
    • Write a policy-focused implementation science grant
    • Integrate a policy component or aim into a non-policy-focused implementation science grant or project
    • Integrate an implementation science component or aim into a policy-focused grant or project

The training consists of synchronous didactic lectures, panel presentations and discussions, small group discussions, one-on-one consultations with experts and is structured around six modules:

  1. Historical and Contemporary Context of Policy D&I Research
  2. Theories and Frameworks for Policy D&I Research
  3. Research Designs and Analytic Approaches in Policy D&I Research
  4. Political Science Perspectives on Studying Policy Development, Implementation, and Equity
  5. Policy D&I Strategies and Interventions
  6. Measures, Data Sources, and Data Collection Strategies

The training will be led by Jonathan Purtle, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health Policy & Management and Director of Policy Research at the Global Center for Implementation Science at the New York University School of Global Public Health. Dr. Purtle is an internationally recognized leader in the area of policy-focused implementation science.

The target audience for the training is researchers who: 

A) have some expertise in implementation science and want to integrate policy into their work or 

B) have some expertise in policy research and want to integrate implementation science into their work. The training is open to faculty and trainees at the post-doctoral level.

Training Dates: October 16 & 17

Registration for 2024 is not yet open. Please complete the interest form below and we will notify you with the registration opens.

For questions related to the workshop content, email jonathan.purtle@nyu.edu.