Evidence to Global Impact (E2GI)

Evidence to Global Impact (E2GI) Lab

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To create opportunities for students to engage in projects that are contributing to the translation of evidence into policy and practice.


To develop leaders in implementation science who will utilize the skills, knowledge, and experience from their time in the lab to positively impact public health.


Our lab is guided by a set of core values that drive our decisions and define our commitment to public health: Evidence-based practices, Health equity, and Teamwork. 

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Meet the Team

The Evidence to Global Impact (E2GI) Lab is a student-run initiative composed of talented, multidisciplinary undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students with a passion for public health.

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What We Do

Our lab focuses on a range of domestic and global public health topics, including tobacco treatment and tobacco control, HIV prevention and treatment, cervical cancer prevention via HPV vaccination, and policymaking and policy implementation.

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Current Projects

Housed in NYU’s Global Center for Implementation Science (GCIS), all lab projects utilize an implementation science approach, striving to close the gap between what is known from research and what is done and implemented in communities. 

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Past Projects & Alumni

Click the link below to see our past projects, information about lab alumni, and the names of past lab members. 

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E2GI was my favourite lab at NYU! With incredible innovative projects, engaging lab meetings and most importantly, an awesome team, it truly made my time at NYU so much more fun! Shoutout to my content analysis members, the amazing lab lead, and Dr. Donna Shelley!
- Dina Moinul, Lab Member, 2023-2024
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