Current Projects

US-Focused Projects

1) E-Cigarette Use Survey and Intervention (SEEKING APPLICANTS)

The goal of this project is 1) to understand, through the administration of an anonymous survey, NYU undergrad's attitudes and behaviors around e-cigarette use, and 2) to use the survey findings to inform an e-cigarette use related intervention. Team members will advertise the survey by connecting with various NYU channels to promote the survey and engaging in other promotion methods, such as posting flyers. Team members will also analyze the collected data, interpret the data into a report, and determine key-takeaways to inform an intervention/next steps. The project will generate the following deliverables: a summary report, a manuscript, and an intervention plan (and the intervention itself). Strong applicants will have a health promotion background and/or a biostatistics background. 


2) Legislator Outreach and Communications (SEEKING APPLICANTS)

The goal of this project is to support New York City Treats Tobacco in their legislative outreach, communication, and education efforts. Team members will work with faculty and NYCTT to conduct outreach and education to New York State legislators regarding tobacco use in their districts, and about tobacco cessation initiatives and programs available to their constituents. Team members will also use evidence-based communication and research practices to learn how to effectively communicate with government institutions and practice targeting outreach strategies. The project will generate the following deliverables: written communications to legislators, Zoom and phone call scripts to discuss tobacco cessation initiatives with legislators, and student-developed strategies to disseminate information related to tobacco policy improvements.


3) Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) Scoping Review

The goal of this project is to conduct a scoping review on the implementation and effectiveness of HVIPs across the US. Team members will be participating in screening articles in co-evidence, data extraction, and will support drafting the manuscript. The project will generate a manuscript that can be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Global-Focused Projects

1. Integration of NCD Care in HIV Health Systems in LMICs

The goal of this project is to better understand the application of integration of NCD services into existing HIV care systems on a broad scale. Team members will conduct a content analysis of existing global and country-level documents. Specifically, team members will review official guidelines from public health organizations, including the WHO and The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and from countries that are sponsored under PEPFAR. The project will generate a manuscript to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. 


2) Qualitatively Understanding Factors Associated with HPV Vaccination in Kenya

The goal of this project is to analyze qualitative data (interviews with Kenyan parents) to examine their experiences with HPV vaccination, and identify factors that shape decisions to vaccinate their daughters. Team members will develop a codebook, code qualitative interviews, identify themes and analyze data, and draft a manuscript. 


3) HealthRight Kenya Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Data Analysis

The goal of this project is to analyze data from a project being conducted by HealthRight in Kenya on sexual and reproductive health.


4) Cervical Cancer Policy Document Analysis (SEEKING APPLICANTS)

The goal of this project is to collect and analyze policy documents about cervical cancer prevention in Africa. The project may also investigate other geographic areas too, but will begin in Africa. Team members will locate relevant policy documents and create a database of the documents, extract key data elements from each policy, and if time allows, engage in basic descriptive statistics (#, %, etc.) for each data element across the policies. The project will generate the following deliverables: a database of policy documents, populated data extraction spreadsheet, and possibly preliminary descriptive tables.