Meet the Team

donnaFaculty Mentor: Donna Shelley, MD, MPH

Dr. Shelley is a tenured Professor of Global Public Health in the Department of Policy and Public Health Management. She is the founding Director of NYU's Global Center for Implementation Science. Her work focuses on reducing tobacco-related disparities in morbidity and mortality in the US and Viet Nam. She founded E2GI to expose students to implementation science and to give them to opportunity to apply implementation science principles to projects.

corrinaFaculty Mentor: Corrina Moucheraud, ScD

Dr. Moucheraud is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health Policy & Management at GPH, and Co-Director of its Global Center for Implementation Science. Much of Dr. Moucheraud’s focus is on meeting the needs of women and young people, particularly in low-and middle-income countries.

avaniStaff Lead & Project Lead: Avani Bhatnagar Ansari, MPH, CHES®

As the Staff Lead, Avani liaisons with other lab stuff to provide support and ensure lab efforts run smoothly. As a Project Lead, Avani leads a team of undergraduate and graduate students in using health promotion principles to create media campaigns around tobacco and e-cigarette use. In addition to her roles in E2GI, Avani is a Program Manager for New York City Treats Tobacco. 

abbyLab Lead: Abby Briggs, CHES®

Abby is a third-year student at NYU, pursuing a dual-degree MPH/MPA. As the Lab Lead, she organizes lab activities and works with other lab staff to help ensure that both the lab overall and individual projects are running smoothly. 

reetProject Lead: Reet Kapur, BDS, MPH

As a Project Lead, Reet oversees a team of three graduate students who are working on a content analysis to understand the application of integration of NCD services into existing HIV care systems. In addition to her role as Project Lead, Reet is the Research Coordinator for Dr. Shelley's Vietnam Grant.  

camiloProject Lead: Camilo Parra, MS 

As a Project Lead, Camilo oversees a team of undergraduate and graduate students who engage in various advocacy and policy efforts. In addition to his role as a Project Lead, Camilo is a Project Coordinator for New York City Treats Tobacco.  

Other Staff Supporting Lab Initiatives

Jacqueline Saltarelli, MPH - Assistant Director, New York City Treats Tobacco

Shivani Shenoy, MBA, MPH - Program Coordinator, Global Center for Implementation Science

Sara Amiraly - Project Assistant, New York City Treats Tobacco 

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