Courses for January 2019, Spring and Spring break 2019 are now viewable in Albert. Registration begins November 12th. GPH January courses are scheduled in the Spring term in Albert, for the purposes of financial aid. Be sure to consult the Course Registration Guidelines, Tips, and Rules and MPH schedule below. Students are required to get advisor clearance in order to register. Please carefully read the full guidelines below. A step-by-step guide to registering on Albert may be found here and there links to how-to videos on the left side of that page. Questions? Please contact

Course Registration Guidelines, Tips, and Rules!

January, Spring, and Spring Break 2019 MPH Schedule

Fall 2018 MPH Course Schedule

Summer 2018 MPH Course Schedule 

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MPH Concentrations

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their concentration's degree requirements.  Below are the concentration landing pages - we encourage you to use to help you keep track of your requirements as you move through the program.