Cross Continental Experience Blog: Bye Madrid?

April 1, 2020

Pictured Above: Last Days in Spain, Sunset Views of La Pedriza


The Cross Continental Experience Blog by Jonelle Boafo, C-C MPH Student
Quite a lot has happened since the last blog post, most of which was very unexpected. Like every other NYU student studying at an abroad site, C-C MPH students were swiftly sent back to their respective homes last week following President Trump’s travel ban, which would be established in the coming days. Students had to pack up their lives in the matter of a few days - and for some, a few hours - and leave the country without saying goodbye to new friends and neglecting the future plans they had made for the remainder of the semester.

Since then, so much has happened. As COVID-19 cases begin to rise in the United States and Spain, our classes have been held remotely, and though we did not get a proper goodbye to our amazing professors at NYU Madrid, we have been meeting with them through Zoom, and they have been more than accommodating of the new, unexpected circumstances.


Street writing, “El Virus Somos Nosotros”

Pictured: Street writing, “El Virus Somos Nosotros”


We are trying to stay hopeful and safe during these scary times. With cases continuing to rise across the US, it is so important that everyone follows executive orders to stay home, socially distance themselves, and practice good hand hygiene. No one could have ever anticipated the current state we are in. Though we might feel helpless or unable to process the “new normal” there are services out there, through NYU and other avenues. Though not ideal, NYU is offering Virtual Counseling through Zoom or phone. More information can be found through this link. And for those still residing in New York, Governor Cumno announced earlier this week that 6,715 mental health professionals have volunteered to provide free online mental health services to New Yorkers experiencing emotional trauma due to the impact of COVID-19. You can  call 844-863-9314 for a NYS COVID-19 emotional support helpline and more information. The CDC also has posted resources for coping with the stress of the impact of this pandemic, which can be found here.

In times like this, we must be appreciative and grateful for what we have. And remember that the best way to protect ourselves, others, and loved ones is to stay home if possible. I'm hoping that by the next time I post a blog post it’ll be more positive, and better news will be reported on how the number of cases of COVID-19 are decreasing. Stay safe everyone!