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Fall 2017 registration begins on April 24th and you may find your enrollment appointment time in the Student Center of Albert. Please pay special attention on the schedule to course dates, restrictions (in the "Notes section"), and pre-requisites. A step-by-step guide to registering on Albert may be found here and a how-to video may be found here. Questions? Please contact

Spring 2017 MPH Course Schedule [PDF]

Summer 2017 MPH Course Schedule [PDF]

Fall 2017 MPH Course Schedule [PDF]

MPH Concentrations

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their concentration's degree requirements.  Below are the concentration landing pages - we encourage you to use to help you keep track of your requirements as you move through the program.

Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2015 should make sure to adhere to the degree requirements which existed when they entered the program.  There are PDFs on the course sequence pages of each concentration which show these requirements.