J-term 2023 Study Abroad

January 2023 Study Abroad

GPH-GU 9130 Global Health Diplomacy (3 credits)
Location: Washington, DC
Dates: January 9th-20th 
Instructor: Prof. Peter Navario
Program Fee: $1450 (includes hotel accommodations; does not include transportation or tuition)
Application criteria: Priority goes to PHPM students who will be graduating in Spring 2023. Additional details to come.
Many of the geopolitical forces that shape global health (global disease burden and our collective response to it) lie outside of the health sphere. This course will explore the ways in which global health is influenced by, and can influence, other global forces including foreign policy, trade/economic policy, environmental policy, and security policy in a globalizing world. Effective responses to current and future global health challenges require that public health professionals (particularly those working in policy or at a policy-level) understand these dynamics and how best to leverage them in order to achieve better health outcomes globally.

GPH-GU 9345 Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response: A Global Perspective (3 credits)
Location: London, England
Dates: January 3rd-6th in NYC; January 10th-18th in London
Instructor: David Abramson
Program fee: $1725 (includes housing accommodations; does not include airfare or tuition)
Application criteria: Priority goes to SBS students who will be graduating in Spring 2023. Additional details to come.
This course will contrast US and international approaches to public health emergency preparedness and response, as well as global approaches to disaster science. It will focus on the aspects of global public health emergency response systems germane to England. The course will also review principles of surveillance, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from natural and man-made emergency events, and cover both US and international emergency management and public health frameworks.