Spring Break 2019 Study Abroad

Have you always wanted to study abroad but can't get away for a full semester, or even 2 weeks? GPH is now offering intensive courses abroad during Spring Break 2019

Three-four weeks before departure, students will complete readings and attend class meetings or complete work online to ensure that all students arrive at their destination ready to begin the intensive in-person portion of the course! Study abroad courses involve guest speakers, faculty lectures, on-site visits and co-curricular activities.


You can Apply HERE. Make sure you log in with your NYU ID.

Non-NYU students, please email GPH.Global@nyu.edu for instructions. 

Round 1:

Application due October 8
Notification of acceptance October 22
Confirmation fee due October 29

Round 2: 

Application due October 22
Notification of acceptance October 29
Confirmation fee due November 5

$350 Non-refundable Confirmation Fee. 

NYU Florence
Mercato Centrale, Florence


Dr. Jennifer Pomeranz

GPH-GU 9228 Global Food Policy for Public Health

The global food system plays an essential role in public health by implicating nutrition, environmental concerns, and sustainability. Food and its many aspects has become a mainstay of international public health policy, discourse, and debate. This course examines current health policy issues related to the global food environment and delves into globalization, and international nutrition and food programs and policies on labeling, marketing, and pricing. We will additionally explore issues related to the food industry, world trade, and agricultural and environmental food production concerns. A portion of the course will take place live at one of NYU’s global sites.

No prerequisites required. Open to all concentrations.

Online Class: February 25 to March 15, 2019

Arrival: Sunday, March 17, 2019 

Departure: Saturday, March 23, 2019 (flights depart early morning) 

Housing: Students will be responsible for finding their own accommodations but suggested hotels will be provided. 

Program Fee: $350

Confirmation Fee: Non-refundable $350 to be applied to the program fee. 

Visas: Depending on nationality, you may require a visa to enter Italy.

Airfare: Students are responsible for arranging their own flights. Students should not book their flights until notified to do so.

Meals: There is no meal plan at NYU Florence. Students residing in NYU provided housing will have access to full kitchens.

Buenos Aires
Two Worlds of Buenos Aires.


Dr. Beverly Watkins 

GPH-GU 9211 Environmental Injustice: From Local to Global

Environmental Injustice has implications for public health practice both locally and globally because people of color and the poor continue to be exposed to greater numbers of environmental hazards in their homes, on their jobs, in their communities, and in the food they eat relative to the society at large. Environmental inequities result from a host of industry and government practices such as discriminatory land use; discriminatory facility sitting and cleanup strategies; exclusionary practices and disproportionate exposure to pollution and toxicants. This course will explore the links between environmental justice and civil rights and the political response to the movement both locally and globally through legislative and regulatory actions.

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, for those without a background in public health, an
introductory environmental health course such as GPH GU 5153 / 2153 Global Environmental Health is
suggested. This course is open to undergraduates with permission from Dr. Watkins.

Arrival: Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Departure: Saturday, March 23rd EVENING; 0r Sunday, March 24th 

Housing: Students will be housed in shared doubles in hotels.

Program Fee: $1000

Confirmation Fee: Non-refundable $350 to be applied to the program fee. 

Visas: Depending on nationality, you may require a visa to enter Argentina.

Airfare: Students are responsible for arranging their own flights. Students should not book their flights until notified to do so.

Meals: There is no meal plan at NYU Buenos Aires. Depending on accommodations, breakfast may be included. 

Beirut Independence Flag


GPH-GU 9325 Behavioral Communication Strategies for Global Epidemics

Dr. Chris Dickey

This course focuses on the integration of three public health disciplines for emergency action: epidemiology, behavioral health/intervention research and public health communication to provide students with a knowledge base and foundation of skills to be able to design and implement strategies in disease prevention and response in outbreak situations, with a focus on the reemergence and emergence of global epidemics. UNICEF staff from country offices – many of whom have 15-20 years of experience in the field – take the course alongside NYU GPH students, mixed together on teams and working to develop strategies for some of the most pressing public health challenges in the world.  

The course is a hybrid, which means that half the material will be completed online before the in-person component. Almost all of the foundation material, readings, and slides are in the online portion, which allows the in-person time to be spent working on strategies to prevent and manage epidemics.

There are no prerequisites for this course and it is open to all concentrations. However, you must receive approval from your concentration Chair if this course is not listed in your course curriculum.

This course is intended for Master's level students, UN staff and other health professionals currently serving in the field.

Arrival: Sunday, March 17, 2019 

Departure: Saturday, March 23, 2019 

Housing: Students will be housed in shared doubles in hotels or at a local university.

Program Fee: $1250

Confirmation Fee: Non-refundable $350 to be applied to the program fee. 

Visas: Depending on nationality, you may require a visa to Lebanon.

Airfare: Students are responsible for arranging their own flights. Students should not book their flights until notified to do so.

Vaccinations: Contact NYU Travel Medicine to make sure you are up to date with your routine vaccines, and any required vaccinations. Visit the CDC for more information.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be included. 

If you already applied to this course and no longer want to be considered based on the location change, please email GPH.Registration@nyu.edu. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply for more than one study abroad course? Yes, you can apply to as many as you would like - there is no fee associated with the application. However, one confirmation fee per course. 
  • When can I book my flight? Students should not book their flights until they are told to do so from GPH administrators. Each course must meet minimum enrollment in order to run a course.
  • How do I send in my passport? Passports should be submitted using this email: Passports. You do not need to include a subject line or text in the email body. Passports should be saved in a PDF or JPEG format as Last Name, Term, Location. Upon submission, you will receive an email letting you know that it has been submitted properly.
  • When can I register for spring break study abroad? You may register for the course when Spring 2018 registration begins. Once you have been accepted in to the course, you will receive an access code.
  • Can this course count as part of my Spring course load? Yes. All spring break courses are scheduled in Spring in Albert for the purposes of financial aid.  
  • What does the program fee cover? In general, a program fee covers housing and activities (including local transportation), but it depends on the course. Please scroll to the course you are interested in for specific details on what the fee covers. In some locations, housing and the activity fee are separate since housing at the NYU site is optional and students are billed directly from the site.
  • Does financial aid cover the program fee? Yes, though you must contact the Office of Financial Aid (212-998-4444 or financial.aid@nyu.edu) to discuss this with them; it is not automatically covered. 
  • Do I have to pay the deposit and the program fee? Yes, but the non-refundable confirmation fee is deducted from the total amount due for the program fee.
  • Is airfare included? No, airfare is not included in the program fee unless otherwise noted.
  • Will I need a visa? Depending on your nationality and the country you are visiting, you may need a visa. Please review the course details for more information. 
  • Can I arrive early? Yes, but you are responsible for finding your own accommodations. Students must check in and check out on the listed dates per program.
  • Can I travel on the weekend? Yes, if your coursework allows you the time to travel outside of your host city, but you must notify the site administrators and gph.global@nyu.edu in advance of confirming your plans, and enter your information here.

Other Important Information

  • Late applications and confirmation fee payments will not be accepted. Students that do not deposit on time risk losing their spot in the course.  
  • Program day-to-day schedules and syllabus content are subject to change and will be distributed in advance of departure. Some courses may require online modules or advanced readings to be completed prior to travel.
  • Students should make sure they are up to date with their immunizations and contact NYU Travel Medicine to see if any vaccinations are required before travel. 
  • If you need a housing or academic accommodation, please contact the Moses Center as soon as you are admitted.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining their visas, if needed, but will be provided guidance from GPH and the Office of Global Services (OGS).
  • All international students should contact OGS regarding their status and to obtain a travel signature. 
  • NYU Traveler/Egencia is the preferred methods for students to book their flights since your information will automatically be uploaded to NYU Public Safety. The following student travel websites are also popular, though not endorsed or necessarily recommended by NYU: