Private Sector

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The philosophy of corporate responsibility has become popular in recent years among large corporations. This has led to greater involvement of the private sector in public health causes, developing health policies, and the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products aimed at improving the wellbeing of populations. 

Whether they hire public health professionals within their companies or develop strong relationships outside their walls, businesses are connecting with thought leaders, public agencies, community organizations, public health associations and schools.

GPH Alumni in the Private Sector

What can you do with your degree in Public Health? One of the best ways to answer that question is to see what our graduates actually do. GPH Alumni have gone on to some extraordinary careers in the U.S. and all over the world. This section is designed for you to explore and learn about career options in the Private Sector.

☛ Please note: this list is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically.

Here is a sampling of some of our GPH Alumni job titles in the Private Sector:

  • Associate, High Lantern Group
  • Associate, ZoomRx
  • Associate Advisor, The Behavioural Insights Team
  • Associate Business Analyst, Life Sciences, Incedo
  • Associate Engagement Manager, Prescient Healthcare Group
  • Business Development Consultant, Pathfinder International
  • Capabilities & Insights Analyst, McKinsey & Company
  • Consultant, Deloitte 
  • Consultant, Rabin Martin
  • Consultant, Slalom
  • Data Analytics Consultant, Accenture Federal Services 
  • Data and Policy Analyst - Statistical Programmer, Acumen 
  • Director of Applied Epidemiology, Deerfield Management
  • Director of Global Programs & Strategic Partnerships, The Bizzell Group
  • Emergency Manager, Hagerty Consulting
  • Epidemiology Specialist Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Global Health Analyst, BD
  • Healthcare Consultant, COPE Health Solutions
  • Healthcare Data Analyst, Milliman
  • Immunization Program Manager, PNG Partnership Fund, Abt Associates
  • Manager, IQVIA
  • Medicaid Program Advisor, Public Consulting Group
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Lead, Abt Associates 
  • Planning Specialist, Emergency Preparedness and Response Project Manager, Connect Consulting Services 
  • Program Director, Junto Health
  • Research Assistant, Health Management Associates
  • Research Manager, FirstThought 
  • Response and Recovery Consultant, Hagerty Consulting
  • Senior Associate, PwC
  • Senior Change Management, Guidehouse
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Health Recovery Solutions
  • Senior Research Analyst, Ipsos Healthcare
  • Senior Research Analyst, Pharmerit International
  • Statistician, IQVIA
  • Vice President Care Delivery Division, The Kinetix Group
  • Associate Global Trial Director, Novartis
  • Clinical and Medical Affairs Researcher, Cardiac Implants LLC
  • Clinical Project Manager, Merck
  • Deputy Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
  • Deputy Vice President, Medical Innovation PolicyPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
  • Director, US Medical Information, Oncology, Pfizer
  • Global HEOR, Internal Medicine Manager, Pfizer
  • Global Regulatory Affairs International, Pfizer
  • Government Contracting and Analytics Senior Analyst, Sanofi
  • Head of Scientific Project DirectionApplied Therapeutics
  • HTA Evidence Lead, Global Access, Roche
  • Medical and Safety Research Associate, Pfizer
  • Medical Delegate, Nestlé Nutrition
  • Medical Managed Care Liaison Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Medical Science Liaison, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Medical Writer, Core Medical 
  • Oncology Account Manager, Immunomedics
  • Pediatric Specialty Representative, Abbott
  • Policy & Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager - Global Regulatory and R&D Policy, Amgen
  • Principal Assessment Manager, GCP Compliance, BioMarin Pharmaceutical 
  • Product Development Personalized Healthcare, Digital Health Technologies Group, Genentech
  • Regional Disease Education Manager, Arthrex
  • Research Associate III, Johnson & Johnson
  • Senior Clinical Study Lead, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Senior Digital Product Manager, quip 
  • Senior Medical Science Liaison, Intercept Pharmaceuticals
  • Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact, Novo Nordisk 
  • Senior Manager - HIV Medical Affairs, Gilead Sciences 
  • Solutions Design and Delivery Leader, Strategic Relationship Channel, GE Healthcare
  • Statistical Programmer, Pfizer
  • Statistical Programmer Consultant, Agenus
  • Study Manager, Center for Observational and Real-World Evidence, Merck
  • Vice President, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Five Prime Therapeutics 
  • Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Pfizer
  • Associate ConsultantSyneos Health
  • Clinical Research Coordinator, DaVita Clinical Research
  • Corporate Quality Relation Manager, Syneos Health
  • Expedited Reviewer, WIRB-Copernicus Group
  • Global Clinical Trial Manager, ICON 
  • Head of Scientific Project Direction, Applied Therapeutics
  • Manager, IQVIA
  • Research Associate Safety, Syntactx
  • Research CoordinatorChildren's Oncology Group
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate, PRA Health Sciences
  • Senior ConsultantSyneos Health
  • Statistical Programmer, Baim Institute for Clinical Research
  • Statistician, IQVIA
  • Associate Product Manager, PatientPing
  • Associate Project Manager, Crossix Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Developer, Summitworks Technologies
  • CEO and Founder, Quannet Health
  • Customer Experience Strategist, Communications, Palantir Technologies 
  • Customer Support Manager, Flatiron Health 
  • Digital Project Manager, Arches
  • Director of Network Strategy and Development, Healthify 
  • Director of Product Strategy and Client Success, openDoctor
  • Environmental Health Consultant, Mylo
  • Healthcare Analyst, MSQ Ventures
  • Lead Content Production Editor, Medscape
  • Manager, Operations and Customer Care, Qmetis
  • Market Research Analyst, WebMD/Medscape Market Research
  • Network Analyst, UniteUs
  • Northeast Manager, Medmo
  • Project Manager/Designer, Medic Mobile
  • Project Manager, Dimagi
  • Regulatory Solutions Coordinator, Flatiron Health
  • Scientist, Certara
  • Senior Account Manager, UniteUs
  • Senior Associate, Platform and Community Operations, RubiconMD
  • Senior Vice President of Scientific Research, Aetion
  • Solutions Analyst, ElectrifAi
  • Statistical Programming Specialist, EDETEK
  • User Experience Specialist, UniteUs
  • Account Executive, Omnicom Health Group
  • Associate Creative Director, Mosaic Group
  • Data Analyst, Motherly
  • Data Analytics & Communications, Nivi
  • Fellow, H4B Chelsea
  • Project Manager/Media Planner, FCB Health 
  • Research Analyst, GSW Advertising 
  • Senior Associate Audience Solutions, Interpublic Group (IPG)
  • Senior Copywriter, FCB Health
  • Senior Vice President Brand Strategy, Klick
  • Vice President Management Director, Area 23
  • 3D Imaging Analyst, Kaiser Permanente
  • Associate Director, Quality Improvement, Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities, SBH Health System
  • Behavioral Health Manager, Essen Health Care
  • Biostatistician, Kaiser Permanente
  • Biostatistician, Physician Affiliate Group of New York (PAGNY)
  • Business Development and Regulatory Compliance, Veta Health
  • Chief Data Officer, MercyFirst
  • Chief Health Officer, City Health Works
  • Client Partnerships and Account Strategies, Beacon Health Options
  • Clinical Operations Senior Associate, VirtualHealth
  • Community Engagement-Policy Analyst, APM/All of Us Research Program, Lupus Clinical Trial Training, Bronx Community Health Network
  • Data Consultant, Health Engagement Analytics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Diabetes Prevention Program Specialist, EmblemHealth
  • Digital Content Specialist, Healthfirst 
  • Director, Stars Improvement, Humana
  • Director of Community Service and Health Literacy, Community Healthcare Network
  • Division Manager, Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY)
  • Grants Manager, Neighborcare Health 
  • Health Engagement Consultant, Cigna
  • Health Promotion Executive, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • HIV Services Manager, Quest Center for Integrative Health
  • In-Field Coordinator, Assistant Director of Hospitals, MetroPlus Health Plan 
  • Manager, Planning and Development, Access Community Health Network
  • Marketing Customer Experience, Healthfirst
  • Medical Economics Analyst, EmblemHealth
  • Medical Research Fellow, Physician Affiliate Group of New York (PAGNY)
  • Operations Coordinator, InquisitHealth
  • Patient Care Coordinator, Smith Medical Clinic
  • Population Health Coordinator, Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center
  • Product Integrations Manager, Signify Health
  • Project Connect Coordinator, Apicha Community Health Center
  • Provider Partnerships Manager, Octave Health
  • Regional Growth Officer, UnitedHealthcare
  • Registered Dietitian/Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Kaiser Permanente
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist, WellCare Health Plans
  • Research Analyst, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada
  • Senior Business Information Analyst, Anthem 
  • Senior Clinical Analyst, Healthfirst
  • Senior Marketing Analyst, Healthfirst
  • Strategic Planning Specialist, L.A. Care Health Plan
  • Training Curriculum Manager, Beacon Health Options

Consulting Firms

Consulting is a service, as well as an industry. As a service, consulting is the process of advising clients on their organizational and strategic challenges and opportunities, and recommending strategies for achieving their objectives. The industry embraces a wide variety of opportunities, from global strategy firms to individual contracting. Some companies serve clients across a wide array of industries and sectors (e.g., Deloitte, PwC, etc.); other consulting firms are specialized in a particular industry or policy area. 

If you are considering a consulting career, first, determine if you enjoy the role of consultants and, second, whether you want to apply consulting skills to a particular issue area in a specialist firm or a wide range of topics as a generalist in a large company.

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Pharmaceutical, BioTechnology, Medical Device Companies

As the face of the healthcare industry undergoes complex changes, the role of public health professionals in biopharma becomes more demanding. These roles coordinate interactions with many different groups, including insurance providers, clinic and hospital administrators, healthcare staff, doctors, and patients. Public health professionals play a crucial role in understanding the strategies and management of the biopharmaceutical industry and its relationship with healthcare centers, insurance companies, and public and private agencies. On the other hand, if you choose to focus on research while earning your public health degree, you can instead work as a researcher in a critical effort to improve patient medications. 

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

CROs typically provide support to biopharma and medical device companies, assist in running clinical trials, as well as developing and submitting regulatory filings. They help to oversee the overall evaluation and development of drugs or healthcare solutions, oversee programs designed to prevent or treat infectious disease, and more. In short, they are responsible for the management of the research side of a healthcare organization. 

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Managed Care

Managed care is a system that combines the financing and delivery of appropriate health care using a comprehensive set of services. Managed care focuses on the management of resources to help patients while reigning in costs. There are a plethora of companies that provide managed care, each operating with slightly different business models. Some organizations are composed of physicians, and others are combinations of physicians, clinics, and health insurance plans. Using their ongoing access to vast health information databases, health insurance organizations help to identify healthcare trends for better delivery to improve the quality of care while reducing costs. Modern managed care organizations use a population health management approach borrowed from the public health perspective.

Healthcare Technology Companies & Startups

Health Information Technology (Health IT) is a broad term that describes the technology and infrastructure used to record, analyze, and share patient health data. Healthcare innovations are happening at a fast pace, and the startup ecosystem is a significant reason why. If you take a look at some of the most revolutionary changes in healthcare tech over the last decade, you’ll notice a substantial spike in the role health tech and startups play within the healthcare ecosystem. These emerging organizations are lean, flexible, and ambitious; indeed, they will continue to shape the industry on a global scale moving forward.

Health Marketing & Communication Companies

Health marketing and communications is a multidisciplinary area of public health practice. Their innovative approach draws from traditional marketing theories and principles and adds science-based strategies to prevention, health promotion, and health protection. The goal of health communications as it relates to public health is to share information through practical communications efforts to improve the quality of life for individuals, communities, and populations. It encompasses the study and use of communication strategies as a way to influence individual and community decisions that enhance health. 

Social Entrepreneurship

A growing number of public health professionals and innovators combine entrepreneurial abilities with their knowledge in public health to develop business projects that address some of society's most pressing health and social problems. These public health entrepreneurs work across disciplines to launch double- or triple-bottom-line ventures that bridge the gap between the business world and the healthcare sector. Social entrepreneurship utilizes effective business practices combined with social and cultural awareness to change the lives of those in need. There are millions of people in rural and poor communities suffering from a lack of access to proper healthcare. Social ventures go a long way in providing necessary interventions to increase health awareness.