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Volunteering plays a crucial role in empowering our society by acting as a bridge between socio-economic divides. On a community level, the team you become a part of is likely to collude in social networks with local governments or other volunteer organizations, providing services that help build a cohesive society.

Volunteering in projects that strengthen the community may provide you with possibilities to investigate new career pathways, gain job-related skills, improve leadership abilities, and network with community and industry leaders. 

If you are a current student or recent graduate, looking for a job, or changing careers, volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience in a new domain or "test drive" a new career without having to make a long-term commitment.

Public health advocacy is often explained as the process of increasing political commitment for a distinct goal or program and identified by some as a critical population health strategy. Target audiences tend to be decision-makers, policy-makers, managers, and, more generally, those that are in a position to influence actions that affect many people concurrently. Engaging in public health advocacy acknowledges the explicitly political features of public health and the significance of addressing social determinants of health as a vital element of a strategy for enhancing the health of populations. 

Volunteer experience will speak volumes about your dedication to your community and your ambition to be productive!