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In the PhD in Public Health program, you’ll balance the theoretical with the practical in a host of advanced coursework under the guidance of esteemed faculty from NYU’s global network. The composition of your classes will depend on which one of three doctoral concentrations you choose: Epidemiology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or Public Health Policy and Management.


GPH-GU 2920 Biostatistics: Regression and Multivariate Modeling
GPH-GU 3000 Colloquium
GPH-GU 3200 Dissertation Proposal Seminar
GPH-GU 2930 Epidemiological Design and Methods
GPH-GU 2940 Intervention and Prevention Science
GPH-GU 2950 Methods in Community Health Research
GPH-GU 2960 Theories in Public Health Practice, Policy, and Research

Students Who Enrolled Before Fall 2016

Doctoral students who matriculated prior to Fall 2016, should follow the degree requirements outlined below:

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