Dean's Letter

Dear Graduates:

With immense pride and honor, I address you as the Interim Dean at the NYU School of Global Public Health (GPH). Your journey through GPH, marked by unique experiences and shared challenges, has been more than just academic. It has been a pivotal chapter in your commitment to public health, a testament to your resilience and dedication.

The challenges and triumphs you have faced at GPH have prepared you to be resilient and responsive leaders in the field and have also given you the responsibility to shape the future of public health. As you step forward, carry with you the knowledge you've gained and the spirit of innovation and dedication synonymous with our school. You are not just equipped but entrusted to influence and innovate in ways that will leave a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

Our school thrives on the collective strength and diversity of its community members, and as you transform from students to alums, you remain an integral part of the GPH community. The connections you've made here are enduring, and I want to reassure you that you can always lean on and learn from your GPH and NYU network as you progress in your careers.

As we celebrate your achievements, know that the entire GPH community is not just cheering you on but also standing by to support you in your future endeavors. You are our pride and hope. We anticipate great things from you in the realms of research, policy-making, and community health improvement. You are the architects of a healthier, more equitable world, and we are eager to see how you will construct it.

Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone. In line with the GPH guiding principles, I hope you continue to think big, go far, learn together, and inspire change. I wish you much success and impact in your career.

With warmest regards and best wishes for your journey ahead,

Melody S. Goodman, PhD
Interim Dean, NYU School of Global Public Health