The undergraduate global public health majors offered by GPH embody an innovative approach to undergraduate education. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will be helpful as you explore options for your undergraduate studies. If your question isn't answered below, please contact us directly so we can assist you.

How do I apply to one of the global public health majors?

The College of Global Public Health offers ten innovative undergraduate majors in global public health in collaboration with several of the other prominent schools within NYU’s academic network. Learn more about each of these unique majors, as well as how to apply to declare.

As an undergraduate student in one of the global public health majors, how will I be linked to the College of Global Public Health?

The College of Global Public Health will serve as a nexus for global public health activities at NYU. In conjunction with our partner schools and departments, GPH will coordinate the academics of the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral majors. The College sponsors talks, conferences, and other public health events, as well as lead research initiatives that capitalize on the interdisciplinary nature of public health in a global university. While major-specific advising occurs at the school and department level, students will be part of the GPH family.

What are the curriculum requirements for the Global Public Health majors?

To learn more about the courses in the Global Public Health majors – including the core courses that all students take regardless of school – visit the Undergraduate Courses page.

What are my career and/or further education options if I graduate with an undergraduate major in Global Public Health?

Today's global environment affords numerous opportunities for people with diverse training to find a satisfying career in not-for-profit, government, and social service agencies. The NYU global public health majors will also provide excellent preparation for further public health study at the masters and doctoral levels. Learn more about your career and educational opportunities after graduation.

What if a student is unable to complete the study abroad requirement?

All students in the NYU College of Global Public Health Undergraduate Program are expected to study abroad for one semester. Under special circumstances, a student may request to waive this requirement. To apply for a waiver, a student must complete the Study Abroad Waiver Application and submit it to his/her home school advisor.  If approved, the advisor will submit the form to cgph.studentaffairs@nyu.edu for review.

For More Information

Regarding specific courses and registration: gph.registration@nyu.edu

Regarding the application process: admissions.ops@nyu.edu

General inquiries: cgph.undergrad@nyu.edu

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