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Undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics already have an interest in public health. NYU now offers students an opportunity to build upon their BS and add a Master of Public Health degree by extending their studies for just one additional year.

The BS/MPH is a five-year program that allows students to work toward an MPH in Public Health Nutrition (PHN) from GPH at the same time they earn a BS from NYU Steinhardt, via an expedited program that enables them to earn both degrees and requires less time and tuition than is needed to complete each program separately.

The goal of this program is to create a path to meeting new, higher standards for nutrition practitioners. In January 2024 the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will adopt a minimum requirement of a master’s degree for entry-level registered dietitians. With the BS/MPH, students can earn their professional RD credential on an accelerated basis, streamlining a path to their career goals.

How it Works

NYU Steinhardt’s BS degree with a co-major in Global Public Health/Nutrition and Dietetics consists of a 129-credit curriculum, which includes a foundation in liberal arts and sciences, nutrition and dietetics, and public health courses. 

GPH’s MPH with a concentration in Public Health Nutrition is a 46-credit advanced degree.

During their undergraduate work, students will take 18 credits of graduate-level MPH Public Health Nutrition courses that will count toward both degrees. The BS/MPH five-year program requires 129 credits to complete the BS, plus only 28 credits to complete the MPH in their fifth year -- totaling 157 credits to earn both degrees. This is a savings in time and tuition of 18 credits.

The BS/MPH five-year degree program will prepare you to assume leadership positions in public health nutrition settings that require a systematic approach to addressing issues.

Upon graduating from the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify and assess health problems related to diet and nutritional status, inclusive of under-nutrition and over-nutrition, among diverse population groups in the United States and abroad;
  • Describe the social, cultural, economic, environmental, and institutional factors that contribute to the risk of under-nutrition and over-nutrition among populations;
  • Compare and contrast educational, community, institutional, and other population-based intervention strategies to improve nutritional health status, decrease food scarcity and reduce obesity; 
  • Analyze and assess policies aimed at increasing access and reducing barriers to food security and improved national health status in diverse population groups; and
  • Apply evidence-based research findings to the development and implementation of nutrition policies, programs and interventions in the United States and globally

Students must have a major in the Nutrition & Dietetics program at NYU Steinhardt, and are eligible to apply to the program on a rolling basis, with admission for either the Fall or Spring semesters.

How to Apply

Students may communicate their interest as early as their freshman year, usually after completing their first semester in the Department of Nutrition & Food Studies at NYU Steinhardt. They express their interest by requesting to meet with a GPH PHN faculty member to discuss the five-year program. Upon graduation with their BS degree, students can pursue the remaining 28 credits to earn the MPH at GPH on a full-time or part-time basis.

In order to apply, students will be required to complete an online application form, submit a personal statement, and meet with a GPH PHN advisor in person. Students are not required to complete the GRE. They must be in good standing in Steinhardt’s Nutrition and Dietetics program, with a minimum GPA of 3.0, and no grade below a C in GPH courses. The deadline for the Fall semester is August 15th. The deadline for the Spring semester is December 1st.

For more information or to ask a question please contact the Program Director for GPH’s Public Health Nutrition concentration at

Students enrolled in this program may also simultaneously complete the necessary course requirements and apply for a dietetic internship to prepare to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Learn more about how to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, which involves completing a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD).