Principal investigator

Diana R Silver,
Associate Professor of Public Health Policy and Management


Diana served as the project director for the evaluation, a twelve-year study of multi-million dollar study.

The purpose of this project is to encourage a broad cross-section of the community to work together to see whether it is possible to make measurable improvements in the health and safety of urban youth. During the first four years of this initiative, the New York University (NYU) evaluation team has worked closely with sites to: (1) develop their various theories of change; (2) collect baseline survey, indicator, and financial data; and (3) document the collaborative processes followed as sites identified the components of child health and safety to target. Additionally, the NYU evaluators have worked with local site evaluators to insure rigor and reliability for all site assessment plans. This grant will continue to support a study to evaluate the work to foster comprehensive community efforts to improve the health and safety of children and youth in urban settings. The investigators will undertake quantitative analysis to determine the extent to which the Initiative is able to effect change in a range of health and safety outcomes for young people across the five sites. They will also continue to document closely the processes and implementation of the sites' work. Diana was the project director for the National Evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Urban Health Initiative, a twelve-year study of multi-million dollar study.

Project Location

New York, NY,
United States