Experiential Learning

Undergraduate students majoring in Global Public Health (GPH) at NYU are required to complete an Experiential Learning (EL) course in which you engage in hands-on, field-based activities designed to promote your exposure to and understanding of public health. This is an opportunity for you to put what you learn in the classroom to work in the real world.

You may choose to complete your Experiential Learning requirement as either a team-based experience, in which students tackle a public health issue affecting the NYU community in Washington Square, or an individual experience. Students may also complete their EL program at one of the NYU GNU (Global Network University) sites by enrolling in specified courses at that site.

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The Team-Based EL Experience

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors completing the team-based experiential learning will be assigned into small teams by your professor on the first day of class. Collaborating in these groups, you will address a specific public health issue on NYU's Washington Square campus. You will work together to research the issue and its implication for NYU students and produce a feasible and innovative solution over the course of at least 90 hours of fieldwork.

The Individual EL Experience

If you wish to work within a public health organization, you can choose to complete an individual Experiential Learning experience in your sophomore, junior, or senior year. The fieldwork hours must be completed along with the seminar portion of the course.

If you are planning to complete an individual EL, please keep the following in mind:

  • You must attend all seminar sessions and complete the required 90 hours of fieldwork to receive credit for the individual experiential learning.

  • You may fulfill the requirements of the EL while studying abroad through the NYU Global Internship Program

  • Bench Laboratory research ("wet lab" research) cannot be used to fulfill the EL requirement

  • Students in the Applied Psychology (AP) combined major may complete their hours with the same organization as their hours for AP but the 90 hours to be used for EL must be in addition to the hours used for AP; students cannot count the same hours for both

  • Students in the Nursing combined major cannot use their clinical fieldwork for the EL

  • Students who wish to complete their fieldwork hours in the summer must enroll in the Fall session of the seminar and must attend all sessions

Completing Your EL while Studying Abroad

To complete the Experiential Learning experience while studying abroad at any of the NYU global sites, you need to enroll in that site’s complementary course.
Below is a list of EL courses offered at each site:

  • Accra: NODEP-UA 9942 
  • Berlin: NODEP-UA 9982
  • Buenos Aires: NODEP-UA 9942 
  • London: NODEP-UA 9982
  • Madrid: NODEP-UA 9982
  • Paris: NODEP-UA 9982
  • Sydney: NODEP-UA 9982
  • Tel Aviv: NODEP-UA 9942
  • Washington, DC: NODEP-UA 9942

For further information on how to enroll in one of these courses, please refer to the Global Internship Program

How Do I Register?

Registering for the Team-Based Experiential Learning

Prerequisites include:

  • UGPH-GU 10: Health and Societies in a Global Context
  • At least one other required GPH course

To receive the access code needed to register, submit a request for the "Team-Based EL" to the online form

Registering for the Individual EL Experience

Prerequisites include:

  • UGPH-GU 10: Health and Societies in a Global Context
  • At least one other required GPH course

To receive an access code for the individual EL, please submit the Individual EL Placement Form, along with a letter from your supervisor confirming your assignment and detailing what will be expected of your work, to the online system by the appropriate due date. 

*If you are planning to complete your fieldwork abroad, please make a note in the appropriate location on the Placement form.* 

Registration Deadlines

To receive an access code to register for the Experiential Learning you must submit your required documents by the following deadlines:

If you are completing your EL in the fall: July 15
If you are completing your EL in the spring: November 15
If you are completing your EL in the summer: May 15
If you have any challenges meeting the deadline, please contact gph.el@nyu.edu.  

Important Documents for EL Students

Experiential Learning Guide

Individual EL Placement Form

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