Dean's Weekly Update

Dean's Weekly Update
Dean Cheryl Healton distributes a weekly newsletter with a message from herself or a guest columnist on pertinent public health topics around the world. These perspective pieces provide insightful information from expert faculty, staff and public leaders. Readers will also learn what's trending within the GPH community such as media, research, awards, program updates, events and more.

Newsletter Archive

Issue 1: Welcome To A New Academic Year
Issue 2: Join Us: #BeThe1To Help Save a Life
Issue 3: It's Time to #DoSomething About Guns
Issue 4: It's Time We Listen to the Scientists
Issue 5: The Elephant in the Room
Issue 6: Focus on Latino Health
Issue 7: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!
Issue 8: Diwali: Public Health Challenges of Holidays
Issue 9: A Roadmap to Ending the Opioid Crisis
Issue 10: Combating International Epidemics: Dengue
Issue 11: To Screen or Not to Screen
Issue 12: Some Rules Should Never Be Broken
Issue 13: Diversity in Academic Public Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Issue 14: Noble Experiments? A Primer on Prohibition and Public Health
Issue 15: A Decade to Remember
Issue 16: New School on the Block
Issue 17: Coronavirus Goes Viral: A Public Health Emergency
Issue 18: Partnerships for Global Health: GPH and HealthRight International
Issue 19: Diversifying Public Health Research
Issue 20: Expanding Outreach to Elderly Minorities
Issue 21: Committed to Health for Black Girls
Issue 22: Pandemic Preparation: New York is Ready
Issue 23: School Closures Could Mean Billions Lost
Issue 24: Pandemic Perspectives: (Pro)Social Distancing and COVID-19 Surface Survival
Issue 25: Pandemic Perspectives: Triple Threat of Underlying Conditions
Issue 26: Pandemic Perspectives: Clearing the Air: Ripple Effects of COVID-19
Issue 27: Pandemic Perspectives: Food as a National Security Threat
Issue 28: Pandemic Perspectives: No Room for Racism in COVID-19 Response
Issue 29: Pandemic Perspective: Resilience in a Pandemic of Isolation
Issue 30: Pandemic Perspective: A Rising Pandemic of Stigma: Impacts of Stereotypes & Prejudice
Issue 31: Pandemic Perspective: Nicotine and Face Masks to Reduce Risk of COVID-19
Issue 32: Pandemic Perspective: Cities Around the World Respond to COVID-19
Issue 33: This is Your Time: Congratulations Class of 2020
Issue 34: Protesting for Change in America
Issue 35: Anti-Racist Equals Public Health
Issue 36: A Juneteenth to Remember
Issue 37: Granting Status Where Status is Due
Issue 38: An Unwise Decision to Withdraw from WHO
Issue 39: A Dangerous Trend in Obesity & COVID-19
Issue 40: Learning How To Keep Our Transit Workers Safe
Issue 41: Make Ridesharing Safer for All

Issue 1: Welcome to AY 2019
Issue 2: Gun Violence
Issue 3: In the Eye of the Storm
Issue 4: GPH at the UNGA
Issue 5: Women's Health in the Balance
Issue 6: Climate Change
Issue 7: Do Your Part to End World Hunger
Issue 8: Are E-Cigarettes Causing or Reducing Harm?
Issue 9: Voting as a Tool to Improve Public Health
Issue 10: The Wave Will Turn into a Surge
Issue 11: GPH at the APHA Annual Meeting
Issue 12: World AIDS Day 2018
Issue 13: Understanding the Opioid Epidemic
Issue 14: Healthy Aging in NYC
Issue 15: Happy Holidays
Issue 16: A Needless Accident Waiting to Happen
Issue 17: Chipping Away at Women's Autonomy
Issue 18: Fulfilling the Dream: If We Don't, Who Will?
Issue 19: Everyone Has to Stand for Something
Issue 20: The Epi-center of Public Health
Issue 21: The Frontlines of the Opioid Crisis
Issue 22: Taking Steps to End Global Hunger
Issue 23: Deploying Drones to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Issue 24: Gun Violence in the Crosshairs
Issue 25: GPH in the Field: Beirut, Lebanon
Issue 26: GPH in the Field: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Issue 27: GPH in the Field: Florence, Italy
Issue 28: Earth Day and Public Health
Issue 29: Guns: Demanding Change
Issue 30: World Press Freedom Day 2019
Issue 31: Teaching How to Save Lives for A Living
Issue 32: Purpose-Driven Careers Increase Well-Being
Issue 33: Optimism and Limitless Futures
Issue 34: GPH: The Year in Review
Issue 35: Celebrating Undergrads & PRIDE Month!
Issue 36: MMR Vaccine, Sneak Peeks & More
Issue 37: The Consequences of Hate Speech

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