A Family Health and Human Rights Dialogue on the Refugee and Migration Crisis - Day 2

March 27

NYU Florence Villa Sassetti Via Bolognese, 120 50139 Firenze

La Pietra Dialogues in collaboration with NYU’s College of Global Public Health and HealthRight International 

Europe is experiencing a migration and refugee crisis unlike anything it has seen since World War II. Unlike most humanitarian crises, this is happening in a setting with universal access to health care, yet public health systems are nevertheless struggling to meet demands. NYU is bringing together academic, political, and operational humanitarian actors to review the current situation and evidence¬ base to set policy guidelines about protecting and ensuring the wellbeing of refugee and migrant populations entering Europe. Building on current academic and policy work, this initiative would identify disparities in access, gaps in current knowledge, and inform research priorities.

NYU Florence students only

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