CDUHR AIDS Seminar: New York State of Drug User Health

December 11

715 Broadway, 12th Floor, Room 1221

Allan Clear will present a history of efforts in New York State to address the health and safety of people who use drugs and discuss the present and future state of such efforts. 

Mr. Clear is the Director of the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute's Office of Drug User Health where he is responsible for program planning, design and implementation related to drug user health, including overdose, HIV and HCV prevention, and access to care. Mr. Clear has worked in the field of drug user health since 1990. He was the Executive Director of the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, one of the first syringe exchange programs in New York State, and of the Harm Reduction Coalition, which is the prominent community-based organization promoting harm reduction as a mode of working with drug users in the US. Mr. Clear has served on both local and international advisory bodies, including Governor Cuomo's End the Epidemic Task Force in 2015 and the United Nations Civil Society Taskforce on Drugs.

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