GPH Career Series: Center for Disease Control (CDC) Part 1: Cracking the Code

October 11

726 Broadway, 7th Floor, GPH Student Lounge

Find yourself staring endlessly at federal job applications trying to understand the language? Want to know more about how your experience fits in? Join us in a two-part workshop with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as they provide information on how to navigate your way through the federal application process. Sessions are open to all GPH students. 

This first session will provide you with the tools to understand how to: 

  • Navigate USAJOBS - the official job search portal for the federal government- and make it work for you by tailoring job searches, setting automatic notifications, uploading pertinent documents, and applying to jobs without leaving the site 
  • Read and understand a federal job announcement 
  • Develop a federal resume that highlights your education, strengths, relevant experience and accomplishments 
  • Craft a cover letter that impresses the hiring manager 
  • Explore special federal hiring programs for students and recent graduates, veterans, and applicants with disabilities 

Refreshments will be provided.

To learn more about CDC careers, visit: 

Part 2 of this workshop will be held in November (date to be determined).