NYU Aging Brown Bag Lunch Seminar: Public Health Innovation Approaches to Healthy Aging

November 12

715 Broadway, 12th Floor, Room 1221

Please join the NYU Aging Incubator for a Brown Bag Lunch Series featuring Dr. Chris Dickey, who will review approaches he and his students are developing to improve outcomes in an aging population.

Dr. Chris Dickey is Director of Global Health and Environmental Public Health Sciences and Director of global Professional Studies and Entrepreneurship at the NYU College of Global Public Health.

An international development innovator and public health entrepreneur, Dr. Dickey works on developing sustainable public health models and to forge bonds between the academic community and practitioners in the field. He sees the challenges facing public health - vast health inequities, applied skills gaps among public health professionals, weak community health systems, and shrinking research budgets - and seeks to re-imagine sustainable solutions through a multidisciplinary approach.

Dr. Dickey has worked in more than 20 countries with the United Nations (UN) and other agencies and co-founded a company that provides clean water and primary care in villages in India.  He is developing a public health entrepreneurship program to address the demand for a new generation of public health practitioners with the skill sets and opportunities to create innovative and sustainable business models as stand-alone entities or within a larger corporation.

Through a learning model that combines lectures, group exercises, real-time simulations, and implementable course projects and in partnership with the UN and World Food Programme, Dr. Dickey leads an Applied Food System and Nutrition course in which international public health professionals and public health students learn and work together on real world problems.