Biostatistics Professional Development Series: APE/Internship Panel Discussion

January 29

715 Broadway, 12th Floor, Room 1221

To kick off our Professional Development series for the Spring semester we will be hosting a panel discussion on the MPH-required Applied Practice Experience and internships that MS students have completed. We have invited second year students from the program to speak on their experience alongside Dr. LeConté Dill, who is the Director of Public Health Practice. In this session you will have the opportunity to ask your peers about the process of the APE and internships throughout the city.

Program Participants

  • LeConté Dill, DrPH, Director of Public Health Practice
    • Dr. LeConté Dill’s community-engaged research interests are focused on addressing health inequities and fostering protective factors among urban youth of color. Using qualitative and arts-based research methods, she examines the relationship between adolescent development and multiple levels of violence. In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Dill is the Director of Public Health Practice for the College of Global Public Health. Her office provides MPH students with guidance to complete their required Applied Practice experience.  They have assisted in placing students in internships throughout the city, country, and internationally, and managing their other internship requirements.
  • Jinal Shah, MPH '20

  • Tanmik Shah, MPH '20

  • Christopher Yoon, MPH '20

  • Carolyn Winskill, MS '20

Please feel free to bring your own lunch.