When Misinformation Goes Viral: Using TikTok to Fight COVID-19 Disinformation

October 20


The World Health Organization recognized that an online “infodemic” was damaging efforts to educate the public at large about COVID-19 and the US Surgeon General has identified misinformation on social media platforms as an urgent public health threat, with President Biden arguing that these platforms are killing people by spreading patently false misinformation.  At the same time, the short-video platform TikTok, recently announced that it has reached 1 billion active users on its platform every month, becoming an important platform to reach young global audiences. Join us for a timely conversation with three health professionals who are actively using TikTok to disseminate science-based storytelling in an effort to counter misinformation about Covid 19 vaccines.


Dr. Siyab Panhwar (@drsiyabmd)

Dr. Katrine Wallace  (@epidemiologistkat)

Dr. Eric Burnett  (@dr.eric.b)

Moderated by:

Carlos Chirinos Ph.D.
Music and Global Health Associate Professor
Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
NYU Steinhardt and NYU GPH