Looking Beyond Paint: Solutions to the Global Lead Poisoning Crisis

October 26


Why are one third of children globally poisoned by lead? How do we evaluate interventions to reduce lead poisoning? While lead paint has been a major exposure source, today, the primary sources of lead poisoning of children in low- and middle-income countries include unsafe recycling of lead-acid batteries, contaminated spices, and lead-glazed pottery. This event, co-hosted by NYU School of Global Public Health and Pure Earth, will present the latest data on the scale and sources of global lead poisoning, as well as the solutions being developed to mitigate this crisis in the most impacted countries, including India and Mexico.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Jack Caravanos, Clinical Professor of Environmental Public Health Sciences, NYU GPH
  • Daniel Estrada, Country Director, Pure Earth Mexico
  • Rich Fuller, CEO and Founder, Pure Earth
  • Ana Margarita Garza, Treasurer, Clarios Foundation
  • Daniel Kass, VP, Environmental Health, Vital Strategies
  • Drew McCartor, VP, Strategy and Partnerships, Pure Earth
  • Promila Sharma, Country Director, Pure Earth India