Forecasting Healthy Futures (FHF) Global Summit 2023

March 14

Abu Dhabi, UAE March 14 - March 16

Hosted by Malaria No More

The FHF Global Summit is an invite-only event that will convene diverse stakeholders in the health, climate, and technology sectors to improve our collective understanding of the health risks posed by climate change, jointly assess the implications for disease control and elimination efforts, and move toward consensus on policy and investment priorities worldwide.

The Summit aims to advance the above goals by: reinforcing the need for new action for disease elimination in the face of increasing volatility caused by climate change, describing what is needed to create “climate resilient health systems," present a range of new tools and technologies from the perspectives of both their architects and their user groups, and discuss the obstacles currently faced and ideas about how to overcome them.

Learn more about the Summit, submit an abstract for consideration, or request an invitation on our website.