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The I AM GPH podcast brings you community conversations from the New York University School of Global Public Health. From student internships to cutting edge faculty research, from alumni insights to the insider scoop on campus life… it's all right here on the I AM GPH podcast.

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🎧 EP65 Lifespan Project with Dr. José Pagán and Kelley Akiya
EP64 Preemption of Gun Laws with Jennifer Pomeranz and Diana Silver
EP34 UNICEF Internship in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh with Emily Holzman, Jessie Drescher, and Corbin Kappler
EP22 Amplifying Your Public Health Message with Chris Alexander 
EP06 The Applied Global Public Health Initiative Lab with Kiera Bloch & Pratik Sourav

5% and Falling

Explore the public health crises that are threatening our families, our communities and our collective future… and the people who have devoted their careers to analyzing, uncovering and inventing new solutions.

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5% and Falling
5% and Falling Episode 1: Save 96

Episode 1: Save 96

On average, 96 lives are lost everyday in the United States due to gun violence. By the time you’ve finished listening to this podcast episode, an average of 2 precious lives were ended. What can we do when the health of the public conflicts with the interests of the rich and powerful? In this episode we bring you stories about public health researchers and policy makers who are on the front lines of preventing gun violence, in communities, states, and hopefully, one day, our country. Thank you to our guests for this episode, Ted Alcorn and Renee Hopkins.

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