Workshop on Systems Thinking, System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation featuring Dr. Yaman Barlas

March 28

726 Broadway, 7th Floor, Room 701

Dr. Yaman Barlas received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University-Ankara, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University and Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively. Upon receiving his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in 1985, he joined and received tenure at Miami University of Ohio. He returned to Boğaziçi University in Istanbul in 1993, where he is still working as a professor of Industrial Engineering and directing the SESDYN research laboratory. His interest areas are credibility and testing of simulation models, system dynamics method, systems science, modeling of socio-economic and medical/health problems, and simulation as a learning/training platform. Dr. Barlas teaches simulation, system dynamics, systems science and advanced dynamic systems modeling. He has several teaching excellence awards, and Outstanding Service Award by the international System Dynamics Society. He is a founding member and a former President of the System Dynamics Society, and has various professional roles, including Executive Editor of System Dynamics Review.

This workshop will introduce systems thinking, dynamic feedback modeling, and simulation-based analysis in the context of (strategic) policy problems. We first provide a brief discussion of the fundamentals of systems thinking (theory, approach) and what is meant by “systemic” dynamic, policy problems. We then introduce the role of systemic feedback modeling and simulation (i.e. System Dynamics methodology) in tackling complex policy problems. We present the main concepts, methods and state-of-the-art tools of System Dynamics modeling. These concepts and tools include Causal Loop Diagrams, the notion of Stock and Flow variables, and Stock-Flow modeling. We aim to provide a participatory discussion of these concepts on and tools on some examples. We next demonstrate simulation of system dynamics models, using a state-of-the-art, user-friendly software (i.e. STELLA). We finally offer an overview of some selected system dynamics modeling applications in policy domain. We conclude with a participatory discussion of potential research/application of the methodology in global public health problems.

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