SHOREline (Columbia) (Baton Rouge Area Foundation)

Principal investigator

David Abramson,
Clinical Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences


The project has the following objectives:

1. Analyze the GCPI survey data and develop a journal article in collaboration with NCDP;

2. Provide overall strategic direction for the SHOREline youth development program, which includes the development of foundational documents, provision of guidance to the chapters and field coordinators, and development of a long-term sustainability plan;

3. Development and dissemination of a standardized didactic and project-based learning curriculum to participating SHOREline high schools;   

4. Development of content and direction for the Capstone Summit in Spring 2015;

5. Management of and communication with SHOREline’s National Advisory Board’s members;

6. Leadership and direction on all public, professional and academic communication and presentations emerging from the SHOREline and GCPI projects.

Project Location

Baton Rouge, LA,
United States