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Social And Behavioral Sciences Department

At the Department of Social And Behavioral Sciences (SBS) at NYU GPH, we draw from disciplines as diverse as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science to inform advances in preventing and controlling major public health threats. Our curriculum can be tailored to your interests, and you can apply your new knowledge and skills to impact the lives and well-being of local communities. Our department integrates research and practice in our coursework and training of students to be “hands-on” in their approach to addressing public health problems. 

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See. Understand. Act.
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The lifecycle of public health and disparities research has been described as having three key elements: 1) detecting public health problems and health disparities, 2) understanding the mechanisms that underlie them, and 3) reducing them through design and deployment of targeted interventions.

We distill this to three key elements: See. Understand. Act. Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) faculty members span–and traverse–these three aspects of public health research. We carry out rigorous observational research to identify public health issues and disparities in health outcomes, develop novel study designs to understand the mechanisms that drive these outcomes, and act on that knowledge by designing interventions, crafting policy recommendations, and teaching the next generation of public health practitioners.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)

The research-based Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration prepares you to critically assess and explain major theories, trends, and debates regarding the relationship between socially structured inequalities and health.

You’ll apply methods, analytic tools, and ethical principles to design and improve public health at the behavioral, community and societal levels.

Community Health Sciences and Practice (CHSP)

The Community Health Science and Practice Concentration prepares you to collaboratively develop, implement, and evaluate programs and policies that promote healthy communities and health equity.

You’ll learn to assess health issues among diverse populations in the US and globally to develop and implement population-based health programs that improve health and reduce inequities. 

About Our Department
SBS faculty are passionate experts in diverse topics such as public health disaster science (e.g., climate change), obesity, infectious disease (tuberculosis, HIV), intervention science, discrimination and stigma, aging, maternal and child health, substance use and mental health. Our faculty pride themselves in providing a welcoming environment and engaging with students in labs and community internships. We are launching new departmental initiatives that address today’s most urgent public health problems. At the core of the department is a dedication to social justice and to improving health equity. 

Our SBS Department will enable you to take full advantage of New York City in addition to NYU’s expansive global network. Graduates of our MPH program are well-prepared to work in research or practice in local health departments, medical or public health organizations, the private sector, and in community-based organizations. Students seeking doctoral training can further apply to our Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD) or Doctor of Public Health (DrPH).

We offer a nurturing environment with leading researchers and practitioners to gain the skills and connections you need to make a genuine public health impact in the world!
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Apply now for Fall 2024
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Applications are now being accepted.