What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is the field that explores ethical issues and analyzes advances in health-related sciences, like biology or chemistry, and medicine. It brings together the ideas of philosophers, physicians, lawyers, scientists, and public health professionals. While these all sound like “experts,” it's important to know that bioethics is not just for these professionals, it’s for everyone.

Labs & Clubs

Bioethics @ NYU

Bioethics @ NYU is an undergraduate student-run organization that promotes interest in bioethics outside the classroom. The club is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all of NYU’s colleges and schools. Through facilitated discussion and debate, guest lectures, film screenings, and special events, students are encouraged to consider the multitude of bioethical issues facing our world today.

For more information visit our website and connect with us on Facebook.

Faculty at GPH

Daniel Robert Fogal

Assistant Professor of Bioethics

Daniel Fogal specializes in bioethics, metaethics, epistemology, and philosophy of language.

S Matthew Liao

Director of Center for Bioethics
Arthur Zitrin Professor of Bioethics

Dr. Matthew Liao uses the tools of philosophy to study and examine the ramifications of novel biomedical innovations.

An Introduction to Bioethics with S. Matthew Liao

How does CRISPR work? What are the consequences of using science to alter our biology? S. Matthew Liao, Director of the Center for Bioethics explains these ethical questions and many more.
With bioethics, it always has such a clear relevance in the way people live their lives, in the way research is conducted, in the way clinical practice is conducted, in the way that the technology that is developing is going to shape the future that we live in. You are always aware that even if this does seem really tough, it is always a super important thing to think about.
- Jamie Webb, MA'19
I AM GPH EP60 Bioethical Decision-making in Healthcare with Jamie Webb

In this episode we talk to Jamie Webb, a philosopher specializing in applied ethics. He is a recent graduate of the MA in Bioethics program at NYU GPH who discusses the Bioethics field, his experience as an NYU student, his research and his views on controversial ethical issues. Amongst his other research interests, he is particularly looking forward to the opportunity to study the ethics of AI within healthcare decision-making, whether the increasing role of AI complicates ethical norms in healthcare, and how it could affect the doctor-patient relationship. 

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