Clubs, Labs and Initiatives

Student Clubs


This faculty and staff-led student group acts as a space for Registered Dietitians and RD2BEs to come together and share tips, experience, and connections. Topics discussed include: dietetic internship applications, how to gain dietetics-related experience, interview strategies, finding best fit program, and much more! This group meets once a month, in-person at NYU GPH.

Students interested in joining the DPD/RD Club can email Supriya Lal at to be add to the club listserv.


Nutrition Journal Club

This is a predominantly student-led group, with a public health nutrition leadership facilitator, where peers come together to discuss emerging topics in nutrition and dietetics. Typically, a student selects one evidenced-based dietetics or public health nutrition related article and through roundtable discussion, students are able to discuss the content of the piece and any implications for public health nutrition practice. This group meets once a month, in-person and online at NYU GPH.

Students interested in joining the Nutrition Journal Club can email Supriya Lal at to be add to the club listserv.


Nutrition Without Borders

The School of Global Public Health’s first student club dedicated to public health nutrition has been engaging the New York community since 2016. Founded in response to the World Food Programme’s “Counting the Beans” exhibit in the GPH student lounge, the club has taken an interdisciplinary approach to increase student involvement in domestic and global nutrition issues through advocacy, research, volunteering, and outreach. The club offers its members a platform for integrating their studies with their interests in public health nutrition and has a dedicated and active member base from a variety of concentrations, including public health nutrition, epidemiology, public health management, and global health. 

Over the years the club’s activities have included:

  • Building a vertical grow system for the hydroponic farm at the Los Sures food pantry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Visiting Square Roots, an entrepreneurial organization founded by Kimbal Musk, whose mission is to pioneer farming in climate-controlled storage containers in a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, parking lot before expanding to other major U.S. cities
  • Helping with the Zero Hunger Cooking challenge put on by GPH every year
  • Hosting a nutrition professionals panel in order to expose current and incoming students to the professional possibilities in public health nutrition
  • Working with Kitchen Connection, an organization dedicated to eliminating food insecurity by working with chefs from different backgrounds in an online platform. NWB has collaborated with them on two different UN events
  • Meeting new GPH students at the Admitted Students Day luncheon and Research Expo club fair
  • Offering GPH students ideas for preparing food and eating healthy throughout grad school on the club’s blog

Connect with us on FacebookInstagram or by emailing us at


Labs & Initiatives


South Asian Health and Research (SAHARA) Group
Faculty Director: Dr. Niyati Parekh

The South Asian Health and Research Group (SAHARA) based at the NYU School of Global Health was established in 2019 to expand our knowledge on the health needs of South Asians (both those in NYC and across the country). We are committed to address and reduce South Asian health disparities through research and build capacity through multi-disciplinary collaborations and a focus on student-mentorship to innovate in this field. The overarching goals of SAHARA are:

  • To expand our understanding of and better intervene in the health needs of South Asian populations by developing research that is innovative, interdisciplinary, and impactful
  • To enhance the advocacy of the health needs of South Asian populations through collaboration and communication initiatives
  • To mentor and train the next generation of researchers in the necessary tools and culturally sensitive skill set to meet the health needs of South Asian populations


SocioEconomic Evaluation of Dietary Decisions (SEED) Program
Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Marie Bragg, PhD

As Director of the Socio-Economic Evaluation of Dietary Decisions Program (SeedProgram), Dr. Bragg conducts research on environmental and social factors associated with obesity, food marketing, food policy, and health disparities. According to Dr. Bragg, researchers have demonstrated that food companies create a “health halo” around foods that might otherwise be perceived as unhealthy.

The Seed Program has conducted web-based studies that examine how people react to products based on what information or health claims are placed on the package; how adolescents perceive racially/ethnically-targeted food and non-alcoholic beverage marketing; the effects of food and beverages endorsed by celebrities and athletes; and studies that examine the nutritional quality of food and beverages endorsed by popular music celebrities and athletes. The implications of Dr. Bragg’s research have been used to support public policy such as the Healthy Happy Meals Bill and the Sodium Warning Label.