Raymond S Niaura

Interim Chair of the Department of Epidemiology
Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Raymond Niaura studies the biobehavioral substrates of tobacco dependence, including factors that influence adolescent and early adult tobacco use trajectories.

Kamyar Arasteh

Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Kamyar Arasteh’s research concerns the epidemiology of HIV infection and hepatitis, and the associated sexual and drug use risk factors.

Joshua Epstein

Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Joshua M. Epstein is a world-renowned pioneer of agent-based modeling, and has applied it to a staggering array of problems in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Robyn Gershon

Clinical Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Robyn Gershon is an occupational and environmental health researcher with experience in disaster preparedness, healthcare safety, and risk assessment and management in high-risk work occupations.

Erez Hatna

Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Erez Hatna researches geoinformatics, spatial analysis, agent-based modeling, and urban systems and dynamics.

Emily Goldmann

Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Emily Goldmann is a social epidemiologist who seeks to contextualize and understand the causes and consequences of mental health illness across populations and the varying aspects of life.

Don Des Jarlais

Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Don Des Jarlais is a leader in the fields of AIDS and injecting drug use, and has published extensively on these topics in many different countries.

Farzana Kapadia

Associate Professor of Epidemiology


Courtney A McKnight

Clinical Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Courtney McKnight is a Principal Investigator specializing in mixed methods research focused on the epidemiology of drug use, opioid overdose, HIV and HCV infection.

Danielle C Ompad

Associate Dean for Education
Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Danielle Ompad is an epidemiologist whose work is focused in the areas of urban health, HIV, illicit drug use, and adult access to vaccines.

Lecia Ductan Administrative Aide
Laura Wallace Administrative Aide