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Where Your Degree Can Take You

  • Click here to see a list of examples of what our alumni are doing now, and of what kinds of roles and opportunities could be available to you upon graduating from our department.

Biostatistics Job Opportunities

  • Click here for a list of active job opportunities in the fields of biostatistics and data science.

Social Events

  • In addition to learning and preparing for fruitful careers in biostatistics, it is also important to us that students be able to enjoy themselves while connecting with one another during our program. To this end, we host many events with the specific aim of fostering these connections, as well as providing opportunities to explore the city of New York. You may find more information on upcoming and past Student Life events on our Seminars and Events page.

Student Theses

  • All MPH and MS students are required to complete a comprehensive thesis in order to graduate. Click here to view examples of what students have accomplished in previous years.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

  • To simplify the process of requesting a letter of recommendation from our faculty, and to be sure that our faculty have all of the information needed to write a requested letter, we've put together a Google Form that can be used for most such requests.
    • You must first reach out and confirm with the faculty member(s) directly that they will be able to write a letter for you before submitting this form.
    • Please note that the form requires a login through your NYU email. (This will also enable you to edit the form after submission if changes are requested.)

Short Courses

Computing Resources

  • NYU Data Services offers free, 1-2 hour courses on a variety of computing courses, such as Big Data, R, Python, data collection and many others. Click here to view the monthly calendar of sessions hosted by the university, or click here to view the entire list of classes offered and their descriptions.
  • The Virtual Computer Lab provides NYU students with virtual access to academically relevant software applications. Click HERE to learn more.

Applied Practice Experience

  • All MPH students are required to complete an Applied Practice Experience (APE) which includes 180 hours of hands-on public health practice. See here for a summary document and guiding information put together by the Applied Practice office.

General NYU Resources

Conferences and Seminars

  • Check back soon for information on external conferences and seminars relevant to our students.

Relevant External News, Articles