The College of Global Public Health offers 11 innovative undergraduate majors in global public health  in collaboration with several of NYU’s prestigious schools. These majors are designed to give you a broad foundation in public health coupled with a related discipline, preparing forward-thinking innovators like you for a wide variety of meaningful careers.

The Global Public Health Majors

College of Nursing

Silver School of Social Work

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

College of Arts and Science

Global Public Health Competencies

Each of the 11 global public health majors aim to help students:

  • Recognize key historical milestones in the development and evolution of the field of public health with examples from both the US and international contexts.
  • Describe and assess the biological, social, environmental and structural determinants of health by applying interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies.
  • Understand key data analytic techniques and epidemiologic concepts for measuring disease occurrence and frequency and how the information obtained from these measures is used to assess the health of populations.
  • Know the public health literature across time, forms, and cultures.
  • Compare measures and outcomes of health systems and policy in high, middle and low income countries.
  • Apply concepts of public health promotion and prevention to engage in collaborative and culturally relevant public health activities that, in turn, promote social justice.
  • Connect public health concepts to disciplinary training in the field.

Are you ready to reinvent the global public health paradigm and start changing the way the world lives, heals, and hopes? Apply for an undergraduate global public health major now!