COVID-19 Disaster Plan Templates

Freely available to any organization, the COVID-19 disaster plan templates below were created by 30 students from schools across NYU including Medicine, Nursing, Public Service, Social Work and Global Public Health.

Enrolled in GPH’s Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Organizations, these students created guidelines for any healthcare organization -- including hospitals, nursing homes, and community clinics -- working to write or update their COVID-19 disaster plans (a JCAHO and CNS requirement).

Many of the students in this dynamic class are already employed on the front lines as MDs, RNs and NPs, so they could offer first-hand insights that bring best practices to life, making these plans not only authentic but also highly applicable.

These plans meet an unfulfilled need in the field, while enabling students to add a preprint publication to their already impressive curricula vitae.


In Fall 2020, students enrolled in Management of Public Health Disasters at NYU School of Global Public Health worked together in small teams to prepare COVID-19 Disaster Plan templates for local and international entities. The result of their efforts is posted here with the hope that these Disaster Plan templates may be helpful to other organizations that are preparing or revising their COVID-19 Disaster plans. The following plans are part of an assignment and the names of institutions are used as an example. They may or may not reflect the actual work of the institutions mentioned.

I AM GPH EP90 Emergency Preparedness with Noor Jamal, Stephanie Parchment, and Cesar Figueroa

In the summer of 2020, Dr. Robyn Gershon, Clinical Professor of Epidemiology taught the highly popular GPH course, Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Organizations. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, three Master of Public Health students, Noor Jamal, Stephanie Parchment, and Cesar Figueroa enrolled in this timely and relevant course. Dr. Gershon’s high energy, dynamic course equips students with disaster management skills for the current healthcare domain, even providing students the chance to strategize solutions for disaster plans, healthcare guidelines, and more in collaborative teams. In this episode, Noor, Stephanie, and Cesar share their thoughts on the importance of emergency preparedness, how the United States has been managing the outbreak of COVID-19, and what this field looks like moving forward, armed with insight and wealth of knowledge gained from the course.

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