Letter from the Chair

Social and behavioral science approaches are crucial to addressing today’s complex public health problems. At NYU GPH, our department draws from disciplines as diverse as psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science to inform advances in preventing and controlling major public health threats.

Drawing upon cutting-edge social and behavioral science theory, methods and interventions, our curriculum can be tailored to your interests, and you can apply your new knowledge and skills to internships that impact the lives and wellbeing of local communities.

GPH SBS faculty are passionate experts in diverse topics such as climate change disaster, obesity, infectious disease (tuberculosis, HIV), discrimination and stigma, aging, maternal and child health, substance use and mental health. Our faculty pride themselves in providing a welcoming environment and engaging with students in labs and community internships. A core departmental strength is the development of an “Intervention Science” initiative that will teach you how to evaluate and implement interventions based on evidence-based practices. A number of faculty also focus on social justice, addressing the health inequities faced by disadvantaged groups.

GPH sits at the “public health crossroads of the world,” so you can take full advantage of New York City in addition to NYU’s expansive global network. Graduates of our MPH program are well-prepared to work in research or practice in local health departments, medical or public health organizations, the private sector, and in community-based organizations. Training in SBS facilitates access to a wide array of employment opportunities.

I invite you to join us; we offer a warm and nurturing environment to gain the skills and connections you need to make a true public health impact in the world!


Lawrence Yang, PhD
Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences