Letter from the ChairStudents are strongly encouraged to buttress their analytical and theoretical foundations, and to develop a depth of knowledge in public health research and practice.  Students are also expected to go beyond didactic learning and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills through community internships – an opportunity to “learn and apply” public health expertise as part of a collaborative team of professionals. 

One hallmark of the department is the engagement of diverse and passionate faculty.  Faculty represent many academic disciplines and are committed to providing high quality teaching, supervision of research, and mentoring.  They have been prolific contributors to the research knowledge base and are often highly sought after by government, private sector, and community organizations as speakers, consultants, and colleagues.

I encourage you to explore the department of social and behavioral sciences.  We “sit at the public health crossroads of the world” are we’re here to provide you with quality and tailored educational opportunities that will catalyze your career trajectory and broaden your horizons!

Dr. Ralph DiClemente
Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences